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It is an STG Solar objective to provide a safe, healthy, and engaging work environment for ourselves and those around us, therefore, safety is our top priority. We take safety seriously.


A Health and Safety Vision

STG Solar Safety Principles are the idea of cultural development and continuous improvement within our organization. This is the forefront of our culture here at STG and we believe these principles are what makes us the next generation of safety excellence in the renewables industry. Our safety principles of Accountability, Engagement, Empowerment, and Education are ingrained deep within our habits and culture.

stg solar safety

Health and Safety Management
Plan. Do. Check. Act.

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Here’s what our safety managers have to say: 

“When groups of people work together there must be guidelines to ensure safety is a priority. We make it a priority to provide direction in the field and to protect our team members, our customers, and the public. These guidelines have been established to ensure a common understanding of expected, safe, work behavior.”