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Breaking News: Administration Approves Tariff Exemption on Solar Panels

Breaking News: Administration Approves Tariff Exemption on Solar Panels

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

As of June 7, the Current Administration has declared a two-year tariff exemption on solar panels from Southeast-Asia in an attempt to expedite climate change goals. The Defense Production Act and additional executive actions is the result of several complaints from the solar industry regarding slowed production rates due to supply chain issues caused by the Commerce Department's scrutiny of possible trade violations with Chinese imports.


"The tariff exemption was a great decision by our administration," said Mike Kilpatrick, President and CEO of STG Solar. "Increasing domestic solar power is a key component to reducing our foreign energy dependence. We are excited to see the fruits of this decision."

In March the Commerce Department announced that it would be scrutinizing imports of solar panels from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia due to concerns that products from these countries were ignoring U.S. Anti-Dumping rules.

The White House announced that the Administration is aiming to increase domestic production of solar panels, installation materials, heat pumps, and cells used for clean energy generation.

The tariff suspension is a bridge method to increase domestic solar power production, but why is domestic solar power production important?

  • It will decrease the U.S. dependence on foreign energy
  • Improvements to U.S. energy security
  • It will keep more value in the U.S. economy
  • It will create needed jobs in the manufacturing and installation industries