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Emergencies During a Hurricane- Here's How We Can Help

Emergencies During a Hurricane- Here's How We Can Help

Wednesday, July 20, 2022
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association is predicting 14 to 21 named storms this hurricane season. That means your solar farm could face damage risks 14 to 21 times over a five-month period. Over 15% of solar farm maintenance records mention hurricane damage. Between low energy production from cloud cover and direct damage to panels, racking, and substations, the real threat of hurricane season shouldn't be ignored.

But my solar farm isn't on the coast, why should I be worried? solar farm hurricane emergency

Hurricanes can travel 100 to 200 miles inland. When a hurricane turns inland, it cannot continue to draw heat energy from the ocean and weakens to a tropical storm, or tropical depression. These storms can carry winds from 39 to 70 miles per hour which is detrimental to metal racking under solar panels.

Higher Risk Farms

 Solar farms older than five years face a significantly higher threat of damage due to a longer exposure to elements. Years of rain, sleet, snow, and storms wear down farms at an alarming rate. It's a good reason to have a qualified Operations and Maintenance Team up your sleeve. Keeping your farm maintained with regular site inspections is key to arming yourself against hurricane season.

What about Emergencies?

 When your solar farm is damaged you need to act quickly. Thousands of livelihoods are dependent on the power that you produce and getting power back on is mission critical during a natural disaster. That's why we're introducing our 24/7 Emergency Response Team. Our trailers are fully equipped and ready to discharge with our team of certified solar technicians and electricians. Your solar farm matters to us and we want to help you get back to producing power for your business, families, and surrounding community.