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Solar Battery Storage: A Key Player During a Hurricane

Solar Battery Storage: A Key Player During a Hurricane

Friday, September 30, 2022
Natural disasters can leave individuals without electricity for weeks at a time. For instance, no one in Texas expected winter storm Uri in 2021 which left Texans without access to the power grid for weeks. When hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005 as one of the most powerful hurricanes to make landfall in the U.S., it left over one million homes and businesses without power for weeks.
What do these two storms have in common? They both left millions of people in the dark with no knowledge of when their power might come back on. Don't be caught in the dark! Solar power paired with battery storage can address the problem of long term power outages so you can be prepared even in the worst of times.

What is solar battery storage?

Solar battery storage is an innovative solution to store your excess solar power. Solar panels produce energy during the day when the sun is out, but you aren't able to use it all the time. That's why batteries for later use are so impactful.

What about generators?

There are two different types of generators. There are generators that run on diesel and there are generators that run on natural gas.
Unfortunately, during a hurricane the resources like diesel fuel needed to run these machines quickly become sparse. With people panic buying diesel fuel during mandatory evacuations, it's difficult to obtain enough fuel to keep your generator running for an unknown duration of time. Additionally, the areas with high storm surges make it increasingly difficult to run a generator due to the machines being flooded.
Natural gas generators supply additional problems. They require more maintenance than a diesel generator, making them more expensive. They're much larger than a diesel generator and overall they have shorter lifespans. Unfortunately they are not much help during a natural disaster either since major storms can disrupt the natural gas flow and they can become explosive is a pipe busts.

How is solar battery storage beneficial?

Not only does a solar battery storage system enhance the efficiency of your home, but it enhances the performance of your system as a whole. Here are some things you can look forward to with your solar battery storage system:
  • It provides a more reliable source of power than a generator in times of crisis
  • It reduces your electric bill and offsets your energy needs
  • It's extremely quiet in use, unlike a generator
  • It's clean energy!
  • You are qualified for major federal tax credits when you install a system

Choose the right company to help with your install

When you're adding a solar battery storage system to your commercial rooftop, you need an experienced professional. Our commercial rooftop team can help you add a battery storage system no problem, and with over a decade of solar experience we're confident in what we do.
Contact us today to get started by visiting us online or calling our office at (828) 595-9515