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The Future of Solar in 2023

The Future of Solar in 2023

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

In the month of January there’s always the question of ‘what’s next?’ As we look towards this new year, we couldn’t be more excited about the future of solar.

Renewable energy is at an all time high and is expected to continue to grow over the next year. To wrap up 2022 the current administration passed new initiatives through the department of energy to connect communities to reliable renewable energy sources and lower electricity bills. 

Through the Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and incentive programs, more people will be able to afford solar than ever before. 


How do I access these solar tax credits?


Learning that you have access to solar tax credits is half the battle. Next you need to know how to access these credits so that you can get the most out of your yearly budget. 

  1. Start by visiting the website of your local energy provider. They should have a page dedicated to solar energy, if not, give their office a call to find out the specifics for your area.
  2. Visit your local county government office. Different counties can offer different solar tax credits.
  3. Finally, see what your state government is offering for solar tax credits. This information will be found on their website.

Finding out what credits you qualify for is extremely important to find out before starting your project so that you can plan accordingly.


New solar technologies for the upcoming year


As the financial incentives for going solar increase with the current administration, so has the technological incentive increased as well. Solar battery storage is now cheaper than it ever has been before for your home or business. 

Manufacturers are developing technologies to make sure that you can keep your lights on, no matter what mother nature or the economy may throw your way. 

Solar generators can now be charged via portable solar panels and do not have to be connected to an existing power grid to disaster proof your home or business. Without the more extensive costs of installation that traditional solar panels require, the cost of ownership for solar generators is now cheaper than it ever has been. 


What’s the future of solar in 2023?


The future for solar power in 2023 is so bright you’ll need shades (pun definitely intended). 

In 2022 renewable energy sources provided 23% of the United States’ electrical generation through September. In 2023 it’s expected that renewable energy sources will provide 25% of the nation’s energy usage. 

That’s a fourth of the entire nation’s energy output. 

Undoubtedly the Inflation Reduction Act has further fueled the growth of solar in the United States. Paired with an increase in storage capacity throughout the next several years, solar power will become a widely accessible source of reliable energy.


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