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You Need a Qualified Operations and Maintenance Team

You Need a Qualified Operations and Maintenance Team

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Utility Scale PV Solar Plants are appearing throughout the nation as the push for renewable energy takes its initial actionable steps towards a greener future. Solar farms are producing energy via the use of Photovoltaic energy systems, which capture the suns energy through solar irradiance. Energy production is the crucial factor that decides how profitable a farm is, and by maximizing this production, solar companies greatly increase the profitability of their investment.


Many factors may negatively affect this production, weather, manufacturing defects, degradation and natural disasters are all routine causes of downtime with solar farm energy production. Solar companies that adopt an Operations & Maintenance protocol, will greatly extend the life of their farms, thereby protecting and prolonging their investment and ensuring that the interests of stakeholders are protected. Some of the most important aspects of Operations & Maintenance include…

  • Maintaining ground mount structures
  • Site maintenance (fencing, mowing and grounds maintenance)
  • Testing and replacing electrical components
  • Replacing damaged modules
  • Maintaining electrical components such as inverters

There are many more things that make up a good Operations & Maintenance Routine for any solar farm, but these examples show some of the elements that go along with it. Energy production is key, and avoiding Operations and Maintenance of your PV solar farm is the surest way to decrease or even halt energy production. This in turn could lead to losses in profits and jeopardize the relationship that is held with stakeholders. Ensuring that your farm is properly maintained and up to date is the best way to ensure peak energy production, and ensures that the interests of stakeholders is taken care of.