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We have licensed electricians on staff to ensure that each job is completed to the standards of our customer.

Our electrical team works directly with our:

  • Medium Voltage Team
  • Underground Team
  • Commissioning Team
  • Safety Team
  • Quality Assurance Team

Our electricians also follow:

  • State Regulations
  • Local Jurisdictions
  • Utility Guidelines
  • OSHA Guidelines

This ensures a safe, quality job on each solar farm. Quality not only dictates the life of the project, but also the efficiency!

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We are a full service mechanical installer with over 12 years of combined experience.

Our mechanical services include: 

  • Site Surveying
  • Material Inventory
  • Piling Installation
  • Panel Installation
  • Ground Web Installation

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Medium Voltage

We are a skilled medium voltage installer with 35 years of experience. Our Medium Voltage team pairs quality with expertise to ensure customer satisfaction.

MV Testing (44.000 volt per phase for 1 hour from substation to transformer) is key to maximizing the output of energy from each array.

Each MV Tester is:

  • Certified and trained by a cable rep
  • OSHA compliant

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Fiber Optic Services

We are a turn-key fiber optic installer, meaning that we do everything. Our certified fiber optic technician installers have several years of experience and unmatched talent in the field. 

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In addition to the procurement of fiber optic distribution cable, materials, & equipment, our services include

Installation of fiber optic & other network cable

We partner directly with the leading industry suppliers, providing best fit options for every system.

Fiber optic fusion splicing

Fiber optic systems are fast, but highly dependent on installation quality. Accepting no less than excellence, every splice and connection undergoes a triple-check system.

Fiber optic testing according to ANSI/TIA/EIA standards

Pride in our work shines through in our documentation. From annotated OTDR traces to well-organized Link-Loss budgets, we guarantee every submittal to be comprehensive and easy to follow.

Fiber optic troubleshooting & repairs

Priority-response repair provides immediate emergency response & repairs for any project completed by STG Solar.

And more, such as:
  • Fiber optic value engineering and consulting
  • Termination, testing, & troubleshooting of CAT-5/6 network cable and other communication cables
  • Accurate red line drawings & documentation