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We now offer Commercial and Industrial (C&I) rooftop installation services! These types of systems are perfect for large buildings that have a large amount of energy to offset, and the best part is that they are completely customizable. With the help of our experienced design team and basic knowledge of your roof, we can design a rooftop system that will fit your energy needs, run a shade report to predict your production, and help you navigate any roof upgrades.

Here are some factors to consider for your rooftop installation:

  • How much energy do we need to offset?
  • How big of a system should we install?
  • How is our roof structured?
  • What upgrades (if any) will our roof and electrical system need to support this system?

commercial industrial rooftop 2

Remember, the Inflation Reduction Act extended the 30% tax credit until 2032 and applies to the total cost of adding the solar system, even if that requires upgrades to your roof or current electrical system. Ready to start designing your C&I rooftop solar system?

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