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waco texas alico buildingSouth of Dallas-Fort Worth lies Waco, Texas, a town with history and recent fame as the home of Chip and Joanna Gaines, a power couple that owns their own home renovation company, product line, and television network. Before this, Waco wasn't much more than a stopping place between Dallas and Austin. However, it is now one of the most sought out tourist destinations in the US, with thousands of devoted fans flocking to the Silos district annually, hoping to see the birthplace of the farmhouse décor and shiplap movement that the Gaines' has started. Overlooking the Silos district, sits the historic ALICO building, looking over the residents and visitors of Waco for over a century. The railroad tracks still crisscross the downtown district, and mill cottages still blanket the outskirts Waco in quaint Texas history. Above Waco the sky sits in a blue expanse of sun, high above the buildings of Waco and plains of middle Texas, allowing solar farms to capture this sun to power the nation's green energy future. Utility scale solar power plants are at home in Waco, with its rolling landscape, year round sun, and welcoming populace. Solar companies are paving the way to a brighter future in Waco and around the nation.

Tired Of Unreliable Contractors Leaving You with Half Completed Projects?waco texas silos district magnolia

We may be one of the largest utility scale solar installers in the Southeast, but we've stuck to our homegrown roots of getting the job done right the first time. Our core values of:
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality Workmanship
are what sets us apart from the rest and instills a sense of pride in our commitments.

Common Problems That Can Cost You on Your Utility Scale Solar Farm in Waco

When you're investing your time and money into building a utility scale solar farm, the last thing you want to do is lose time, money, and patience. Here are some common problems to avoid when looking for the right company to build your farm:
  • Using a company that is unfamiliar with different types of terrain
    • Moving the earth more than necessary will (literally) dig deeper and deeper into your pocket.
  • Using a company that only installs one type of solar panel system
    • Sometimes you need to utilize a static system in certain places while using a tracking system in other places. Make sure to choose a company that can install both.
  • Setting too short of a time frame for project completion
    • While it's great to be excited over the completion of your project, it's also important to remember that quality takes time.

Our Customers Choose Us Because

We strive to be the one-stop shop for solar solutions because when you work with us, you deserve the best we have to offer. Our goal is to provide you with all the resources needed for a successful solar experience beginning to end. Our full-service solar solutions include:waco texas magnolia press
  • Electrical InstallationMechanical Installation
  • Medium Voltage Installation
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Commercial Rooftop Panel Installation
  • Solar Farm Fencing
  • Solar Farm Grounds Maintenance
  • Solar Farm Operations and Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Team

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